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5 ways to increase the sales of your Food delivery restaurant

Hey! First of all, thanks so much for reading our post on 5 ways to increase the sales of your takeaway and delivery business
-If you want to know the keys for making your Delivery and takeaway service take off on it’s own you’re in the right place. At Apper Street we work so that restaurants can create a brand image and boots sales through their own tools, using their own potential, without having to depend on third party takeaway and delivery intermediaries such as Just Eat, Glovo, Deliveroo and Grubhub… 
Let’s see, what are we going to teach you in this post?   
Discover the 5 ways to increase the sales of your takeaway and delivery business. 

Have a website and App that is optimized and design to attract customers

Can you imagine if Just Eat didn’t have an App or a Website? Do you know why they sell so much more than you? 
It’s possibly because they invest in marketing, they look after their brand image, they make user friendly websites, designed and focused on conversion, on the conversion of your business.
This is exactly what you have to do for your restaurant. Create an App and a website that’s easy to use, focused on the marketing and sales of your own business, where you make yourself known and are in charge of your own sales without the interference of their parties. 
Your own website and app will help you save so much money when it comes to commissions. The app and website will be your main ally. 

Make the most of food delivery platforms 

You need to make the most of food delivery aggregators 
At the end of the day, if you do choose to use Just Eat or another third party delivery service that you’re going to have to “attack” from somewhere else. The idea is quite simple. Consider designing flyers that are clear, creative and informative that will get your customers attention and remind them that you exist. 
That’s right, you have to let them know loud and clear that Just Eat aren’t the owners here. 
On the poster or flyer make sure you promote your restaurant and your brand, use your logo, your corporate colors, definitely include your phone number or web page if they can order food through there. 
Make sure it stands out! 

Have your own customers CRM 

Don’t you want to have the information of your own customers? 
Get sales information, know what hours of the day you receive more orders, the postal codes that order the most from your restaurant, the average ticket price… In other words, have data from your audience, your own customers.
At the end of the day they are your clients and big companies like Just Eat are the ones that are in control of that vital information. Just Eat could potentially use this data to help boost the sales of the restaurant next door and I’m sure that’s not what you want. 
The best way to send messages and build customer loyalty is knowing them and a CRM is the best tool to do that. 
Imagine being able to send a personalized message segmenting your customers. For example, you could send a message to clients that haven’t ordered from your restaurant in over a month, or send a message to customers that order a certain type of food, or clients that live in a specific zone. They’re your clients, that’s your information, it’s such an important sales tool.

Have the best competitive price in your App.

If it’s not the price, generate a loyal following, there are many ways to increase the value ladder, this way the user does not make the purchase for just eat or glovo and they do it directly from your website or app.
The best thing would be that, even though your customers are already on platforms such as Just Eat or Deliveroo, you fight in the best way possible to captivate, attracted and maintain your clientele  
You want them to directly search for you first next time they want to order delicious food and not order things through them.
Just think about it! 

Make marketing automation campaigns

Marketing automation campaigns are already such a big thing nowadays. 
The objective is to make yourself known, so it’s important to generate leads that will eventually turn into clients. For this to happen, a good sales automation strategy will be your best ally. 
Use it to create an automated loyalty strategy. An example would be to send out promotional codes every once in a while through the restaurants app, or remembering their birthday by giving them a discount on the specific day, this will encourage your customers to order from your restaurant… All of this is automated and measurable. 
It sounds good, right? 
If you have any questions feel free to just give us a call!

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