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Food delivery restaurants app in Mallorca

Did you know 2 out of 3 Spaniards order a delivery or takeaway service? 

Food delivery Palma

The passion for Mallorquian gastronomy has been an economic propellant for the island in recent years. The awareness of the local quality product has made the love for Mallorquian food increase considerably thanks to the good tactics of gastronomic marketing.
We aren’t telling you things you don’t already know, but i’m sure you’ve noticed the high number of restaurants in palma that have recently opened. And as a consequence restaurant owners need to make their business stand out from the rest and reach all his potential customers through different channels and tactics
But even with more restaurants than ever at our disposal, millennials are increasingly taking root in the culture that is food delivery in Palma.
We like home deliveries, even if it’s our favorite burger or that fabulous top I saw yesterday in Zara, and that is that, home delivery, take away or buying things online is in our DNA.

Order food at home

We all know that the consumer trends change so much due to the use of the internet and all its facilities. In addition, the strong influence of the great monsters of the market such as «Google, Netflix, Amazon … etc» take their toll on the traditional and on «progressive» changes.
Let’s basically say that they are ahead of all of us, that they are the ones who set the trends. Think of them as those who walk the Paris runway under the watchful eye of thousands of people.
Waiting to see how they bring out the trends that YOU do not yet know will cause a furore among everybody. It is clear that change is not a thing of the future. Because the future is today and connectivity is part of our day to day life.
Ordering food at home, was something that was done only from time to time, like on special occasions.
But now home delivery is part of our routine. As our lifestyle is overwhelming, fast, demanding, trying to fit everything in to every second of the day, «we have so many things to do …», no time for such basic things as shopping, or imagine attempting to cook…
Ordering food at home, buying food already pre-prepared at the supermarket, stopping by your favourite ¡ restaurant and getting a famous Takeaway is part of our day to day life now.

Food delivery online from applications

How many times have you been to your favorite restaurant out of the blue and they physically could not fit one more person in there? How many times have you called up and been told the typical «I’m sorry, but we everything is reserved»? And we love to eat, it is our favorite activity to do!
So, as good foodlovers, we are not going to deprive ourselves of our favorite burger, nope, not at all, what we will do though is take out our mobile phones and look up: » food delivery palma», this is 100% a millennial attitude, and will of course set ourselves up a Netflix and Chill at home with friends, without giving up that fine dining that we like so much «eating, good company and entertainment».
How home delivery food has saved our lives so many times with being able to order food online! And yes, we say online, because I’m a millennial and I don’t like talking on the phone, I want everything done within a click.

Food delivery app in Mallorca

Most restaurants are aware of the importance of living up to their consumers’ demands.
Adapting to trends and gaining a place in the market, entering the technological world of online orders and being present on food ordering apps for home delivery that is currently in demand.
It is obvious that home delivery is already very popular on the island. And luckily technological advances and mobile platforms allow the needs of Mallorquians to be met.
But we are not sure that they are aware that some of these famous third-party online food delivery platforms and palma food delivery apps capture their brand image.

Online Ordering System for Restaurants

And also that there is a fine line between being beneficial and harmful in the face of the final consumer that is not taken into account. 
As end, if we order our favorite burger at a hamburger restaurant in Palma and it arrives in a bad state or cold, the feeling of negativity is not going to be directed only to that platform of food delivery. Since humans are not capable of being rational on an empty stomach and with high expectations.
What it will really generate is a feeling of frustration around the experience, in which the brand, one of your favorite restaurants, will be harmed directly and indirectly.
It is important to note that within the consumer trend for home delivery, there is also the importance that we give to seeking a unique experience. This happens in all sectors, it was not going to be less in the food industry.
We want to feel unique, and increasingly we opt for and become lovers of those brands (clothing, restaurants, services …) where we feel identified. Those brands that are a reference for us, those whose values relate to ours. Or those that meet our demands and give us a unique experience. We want a restaurant app, from our favorite restaurant, not from intermediaries.

Mobile apps for restaurants

The importance of differentiating yourself from the rest and giving your client a unique experience. Completely supersedes the traditional tactics of the gastronomic market and the catering sector, leaving the image of your brand in the hands of Just Eat, Deliveroo, Glovo or UberEats. They don’t represent you, and yet you let them do so.
SPOILER ALERT: This ancient practice is predestined to extinction. If your customers have the application of their favorite clothing store on their mobile, do you really think that they are not crying out for their favourite restaurant to have an app?
Mobile applications for restaurants or app for restaurants in Palma, whatever you want to call it.
Because we do want yours specifically, with your brand image. This is a trend and it will let you take control of your brand, differentiate yourself from the rest, stop paying commissions to third parties. That only transport your food and your values ​​and that in a matter of seconds can make it their own, when all the work is done by you..

Restaurant management applications

Restaurant management applications are not only a trend in catering for 2020. But many palma restaurants have already started using them and saved thousands of euros in the last year on it’s own.
Having an app for online order management will allow you to control. The control of the average ticket price and be able to make an impact on your most loyal customers. It is a highly effective marketing strategy to retain customers and attract others through exclusive promotions they can only find on the app.
Making your customers feel special and anticipating their needs with personalized offers thanks to the study of their consumption of products provided by these mobile applications for restaurants in Palma.

Restaurant order management app

Having your restaurant order management app is no longer a crazy idea. And it is available to the most innovative entrepreneurs. Who are aware of the importance of centralizing online order management in a single tool to optimize all resources and take back the control of their own restaurants.
Within the world of restaurant apps we can find companies that specialize in designing these online ordering platforms. Completely created to suit the restaurant, adapting them to the needs of the restaurant, where the brand image is an added value and stands out over the third parties portals of food delivered, in which your restaurant is just one more to them
Restaurant apps are completely specialized in user experience and are developed technologies compatible with both android restaurant apps and iOs restaurant apps.

Mallorca Restaurants app 

Have you stopped to think that there are alternatives to Just Eat? Yes, there are, and ApperStreet is one of them.
ApperStreet is a company specialized in gastronomic marketing that offers you a series of restaurant app templates that will perfectly fit your brand image.
If what you are looking for is an alternative to Just Eat and to increase the direct sales of your restaurant. By reducing the commissions you pay to third parties for home delivery services, this is your moment.
ApperStreet is a company specialized in gastronomic marketing. That offers you a series of restaurant app templates that will make you stop thinking about how much it costs to create an app.

Apper Street is your online order management platform for your restaurant

ApperStreet was created on the sunny island of Mallorca. We already have clients in cities such as New York, London … and makes Apps and Webs available to restaurant owners for takeaway or delivery. For their restaurants, with an innovative online ordering platform adapting to the trend that is home delivery.
A Restaurants App, fits perfectly with the brand image of each business and is designed to be totally personalized, while adapting to the needs of each restaurant and offering them the most powerful restaurant marketing tool they could ever imagine.
Many restaurants in Palma ask themselves, how much does it cost to create an app, and do they automatically respond to themselves with a bad preconceived idea, thinking it costs a huge amount of money, without being aware of the great opportunity to grow within the market. Creating an app, having your own ordering app, is easily within your budget. How much does it cost to create an app?
Well hang on to the chair, because for only 99€ a month you have an app for your restaurant. And not an app for just any restaurant, but an app for restaurants with all the advantages of having a professional app adapted 100% to your business.
What are you waiting for? Your clients want you, YOUR RESTAURANT in their pocket.
Ready to see your sales increase in just two months? Click here

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