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How to do takeaways with your restaurant by doing deliveries?

5 claves para empezar a vender con tu restaurante delivery

It has always been and always will be such a wise decision to implement your own home order management website. And now more than ever the demand for home delivery and takeaway service is increasing rapidly. 
If you want to transform your restaurant into a delivery and take away restaurant, this is the article for you. 

5 keys to start selling with your restaurant delivery service: 

Before any recommendations be sure that you make sure you have your own website for your website to manage the online orders.
Obviously adapted to your needs as a restaurant and to the experience you want your customers to receive. 
By having your own online ordering platform or delivery platform, you will have to do most of the work. 

Adapt your menu. 

Adapt your menu so it’s suitable for a delivery service, to what the customers find trendy at the current moment of time.
People nowadays are paying so much  more attention to what they’re eating and where their food is coming from.
Therefore adapting your menu and/or modernizing it will help you reach new potential clients.
Offering healthy food, gluten free, vegan options or products that are locally grown are not only in great demand by the new generations, they also add a lot of value to your business.

Have a responsable delivery service.

After getting a customer to order a delivery service through your own website and the food is being carefully made.
The most important step is yet to come, getting your food from the restaurant to your customers house.
If this isn’t carried out properly, the product could reach its destination in bad conditions and leave your customers with a bad experience of your delivery service.
You have 2 options for home delivery or delivery logistics:

  • Direct restaurant management
  • Food aggregators with delivery

Direct management by the restaurant is usually the most successful, since by being part of the team, the delivery person understands the responsibility of carrying out an  excellent delivery.
Do not leave your restaurant in the hands of third parties, food aggregators with and without a delivery service can be a tactic to increase brand recognition at a specific time, but it is not the best option in the long run since they usually do not value the brand image of the restaurant.

The importance of Packaging

It is essential that the final product reaches your customer in good condition.
For that, apart from a responsible distribution, you need good quality packaging, that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, made out of cardboard or eco PLA plastic.
Don’t forget that “unboxings” are such a big thing right now, this means that what is inside the packaging matters, yes, but try to personalize your packaging, give it a cool touch that fits your brand image or your values, every moment is an opportunity to attract and retain customers for your restaurant.
It is important that you understand the current moment, therefore, some optimistic message within the packaging will make a difference and possibly encourage the customer to repeat or share that message on social networks.

The branding of your brand is marketing

Your brand must appear everywhere. This way, together with good marketing strategies, we will create brandawardness, which will indicate where our restaurant is positioned in respect to our competition. The key is to remain in the consumer’s mind.
You must take into account the entire process that the consumer goes through. normally this process begins long before the consumer decides to order at home. And of course the process does not end when the food arrives at their home, the experience must continue once it has arrived and go on for as long as needed. 
Through all these phases the consumer goes through, an action must be implemented in which the brand image is involved, branding always present, reflecting well the values and your differentiation factors of the brand.
Branding is user experience, pay special attention to all phases the customer goes through and make sure you are present, clearly reflecting your image and values.

Make advertisements of your restaurant on social networks

Advertising your restaurant on social networks is vital, but also always updating your basic information.
Keep the direct link to your online ordering website in your bio at all times. You should also include in your social media post the direct link to facilitate the purchase process as much as possible.
Post regularly and make promotional posts or advertisements of your restaurant on Facebook ads to inform that your restaurant offers home deliveries.
With a minimal investment you can reach your community with a new proposal, or reach new users who don’t know about you yet.

Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Apperstreet offers you to have your own restaurant website specialized in online order management for just 99€ per month.
Having your delivery platform or online ordering platform, you can increase your online sales.
Have your own record of your customers, orders and products with more turnover, manage your products, offers.
As well as analyze your income. Along with a long list of beneficial features that can be managed with a tool provided within the control panel included with Apper Street. Apperstreet is a unique order management platform on the market.
Join now to the hundreds of restaurants that are already part of this family, and prepare for success.

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