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Stop paying ridiculous commissions to food delivery platforms.

Now is the time to have your very own online ordering website and app, so stop payin ridiculous commissions to food delivery platforms.
The delivery and takeaway service is dominated by a small number of companies, these companies are the ones dominating the market in Spain. Anyone that orders a takeaway or delivery has these apps installed on their phone. So, what better time than now to be one of them apps on your clients phone. 
As the customer is the one that makes the order, it’s easier to receive that order through a printer than it is to have an employee receive phone calls and write down every order, as well as being more economical and easier to manage. 
Now the system works a little different: it is these search engines that bring our restaurants to these hungry customers ready to place a food order, have their confirmation come through and then about 40 minutes later, receive their food delivery at home. The customer feels like they’re ordering food from that restaurant and, if they like it, they will definitely order again (99,1% of customers would order again)

Alternatives for food delivery platforms

Have you ever think about an alternative for the poppular delivery platforms?
With this type of thir party platforms system, restaurant owners pay a commission to these third party platforms. These commission fees can range between 15% and 40%. It’s a perfect system to attract new customers, you only pay for the orders that you receive. 
However, if we pay attention to our numbers, we will realize that if our product is liked, these orders will be repeated over and over again and the costs are going to rise, making it more expensive than when we were receiving telephone calls and writing the orders down on a piece of paper, these orders didn’t come with any commission fees. 
So “Given the tight profitability of restaurants that offer delivery and takeaway service, most restaurants will not make a profit from their home delivery portals. 
The key for restaurants that offer a takeaway and delivery service is to hold on tight to their happy customers, the ones that are happy with the products and make them our own, especially the ones that frequently order online. 
Why pay a commission for clients that already know who we are and come back over and over again? 
Why don’t we forget about letting third parties interfere with our brand and control our clients? 
The answer is easy: We need to do it ourselves. Restaurants can offer all sorts of promotional codes and discounts directly to their customers anytime they want, like on quieter days, or at specific hours during the day, or certain times of the year… Making our customers want to return in the future. 

Online ordering sistem for restaurant

Create your own branded food ordering website and achieve your goals as restaurant.
Many takeaway and delivery based restaurant owners know the importance of having their own application and manage their client and product data…so that their clients can make their orders through their own app or website and pay online, but on occasions they can be discouraged by the risk of not finding a trustworthy developer to do it, adding on the time and cost of finding out more about it.
That’s why at Apper Street we offer an online ordering platform that fits your brand, that will be prepared for different mobile systems, that will allow you to offer your products to your clients, offering them a more direct experience with the restaurant, you will be able to update your menu and prices at any time from your very own and easy to use management platform. You will have an administration panel that will be able to offer you different reports about your business, regarding orders and clients.
And, most importantly, with flexible options for different customer profiles. You will be able to choose between a monthly payment or a one time yearly payment, with the only commission coming from card payments on the app. 
Use  online platforms  for delivery and takeaway the first time round. After that, the customers are yours or, complement them with your online Marketing strategy for your restaurant.

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